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Welcome to...

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And chances are, if you landed here, you're a birth nerd like us! 

Please join us as we discuss hormones of labor, postpartum mood disorders, newborn care and so much fucking more. We're only just getting started and we have a ton of geeky shit we can't wait to cover. 

Ashleigh is a student midwife, still in the early gestation stages of midwifery school. Hungry for all of the experience and facts that are out there. Erica Lea is a moderately seasoned midwife, licensed in Florida for 7 years and a decade deep into birth-work (thankfully not fully jaded just yet). The two of us together are always looking to expand our knowledge through progressive and evidence-based information. 

Each episode, we present two similar topics, combining
 our two energies for a delightful banter and a lot of bad words!

So... Are you ready to get b
uzzed and talk about birth shit?

You can listen in on Apple Podcasts & Spotify!! Please show your support by subscribing and rating/reviewing. 

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